MyScouting Tools for Commissioners

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Darlene Sprague
National Commissioner Service Resources Chair

With the recent release of the newest MyScouting Tools, we were prompted to inquire when the commissioners might see a new release of UVTS. The following is some information from the development team about what is on the horizon for UVTS and what might replace UVTS for commissioners.

The development team does not envision anything that will have the current look and feel of UVTS as new development will follow the model of the toolkits that have been released recently.

Here is a high-level view of the initial approach:

  • Dashboard reporting that incorporates Journey to Excellence metrics. (While award levels will not initially be implemented, appropriate measurements will be displayed.)
  • Reporting metrics on unit visit activity that are precalculated and the addition of “alerts” to direct the attention of administrative commissioners to new reports and/or potential concerns.
  • More robust and easy-to-use report forms for commissioners. This will resolve the current navigation challenges that require additional time when entering visit reports.
  • Mobile platform deployment for use on handheld and other devices. The tools will still be accessible through Web browsers on laptops and PCs.

We’re very excited about proceeding with the next generation of tools for commissioners and look forward to sharing information in the future.

Another opportunity recently presented itself to a group of commissioners: the formation of a Commissioner Information Technology Toolbox Focus Group. Our charter and scope is to concentrate on how to give commissioners access to track and review unit health to align with Journey to Excellence metrics. We hope to answer this question: What do commissioners need to best perform their Scouting role? In addition to the need to replace the current tracking tool for visits, what other areas does a commissioner need insight into to provide guidance for strengthening the administration of the Scouting program? (These could include advancement, charter renewal, growth, Friends of Scouting, etc.)

Commissioners in all regions will participate, but we need to move swiftly. We plan to gather and refine the requirements we have been collecting and present them to the development team by the end of October. If all goes according to schedule, the commissioner tools will be released in January.