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We received the following multipart question (in bold text) from a commissioner. The answers are inserted within the question.

In the Administration of Commissioner Service manual in the section “Using the Unit Self-Assessment Tools” (pages 156–157) right before the summary the following statement appears:

“The self-assessment form is designed to take the place of the commissioner worksheet previously used by commissioners.”

That is correct. The worksheets are still available for those who prefer to use them. But we now encourage the use of the Unit Self-Assessment form. And that is what is also recommended in the latest Unit Performance Guide.

My confusion with this statement is that the Unit Commissioner Worksheet is still listed in the Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service and the Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops, and Crews. Is the form in these two manuals the same form referenced in the statement above, or is that a different (maybe an older) form?

Yes, the worksheets are still there in both manuals. See the instruction sheet and unit self-assessment forms (located at the bottom of the Commissioner Manuals and Resources page under “Forms”).

The way that I have always viewed this is that the unit (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor and committee chair) completes the Unit Self-Assessment form and provides a copy for the unit commissioner. Then, after the first visit or a unit visit, the commissioner completes his unit worksheet and starts to compare his observations to what the unit provided. This gives the commissioner several important pieces of information:

  1. Are the commissioner’s observations similar to the unit leadership’s assessment of where the unit is?

  2. Will the actions that the unit commissioner was planning address the observations?

  3. Development of a complete picture of the key areas where the unit commissioner can help the program of the unit.

Please see the instruction sheet. You can do it that way, or some commissioners fill out the sheet independently and then review the sheets from the committee chair and unit leader. The important part is that this occurs and that a plan for improving the program is created and executed.

If the Unit Commissioner Worksheet is to be replaced, is there another form or process where unit commissioners come up with action plans or do they base them off of the unit self-assessment only now?

The action plan is created after reviewing the self-assessment.