Commissioner Questions and Answers

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Darlene Sprague
National Commissioner Service Resources Chair

Going forward with UVTS, will we be able to enter information concerning the Explorer Posts that we service?

No enhancement to UVTS is planned to provide for the entry of Explorer Post visit reports.

Are there any changes on the horizon for Internet charter renewal that I should alert my council commissioners to as they prepare to enter the charter renewal cycle? Also, will the PowerPoint be updated this year or should folks use the old one?

There will be no changes to the online applications for Internet rechartering and Explorer Post renewal EXCEPT for a fee increase and name change. What used to be known as the “Unit Charter Fee” and “Post Participation Fee” will be called the “Unit Liability Insurance Fee.” The Unit Liability Insurance Fee will be $40, an increase of $20 from the $20 Unit Charter Fee and Post Participation Fee starting with units that have a December 31, 2012, renewal date (a charter period beginning January 1, 2013). The tutorial and online help will not be changed because of the name change to Unit Liability Insurance Fee.

For more information, see “Changes to General Liability Insurance Program Affects Fees.”

Have the Roundtable Planning Guides been updated and where can they be found?

Answer: Yes, they have. They can be found on the training page.

I am trying to clean up the last of the Commissioner Award details. One of those details is the requirements for Distinguished Commissioner. Requirement 4 was based on the National Quality Unit Award. National Quality became Centennial Quality, which became Journey to Excellence. I cannot find anywhere that the requirements have been updated. It wasn’t a problem with Centennial, but it is a problem with JTE because there are three levels (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Should it be 50 percent at a specific level or 50 percent at any level?

From the February 2012 printing of the Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service:

“Assist units so that more than 60 percent of the units in your area of service achieve the national Journey to Excellence Unit Award for a minimum of the past two consecutive years.” (To clarify, it is 60 percent at any level for two consecutive years.)

Have the new Unit College Reserve Scouter codes been added to the Unit Charter Renewal System?

At this time it is not expected that this position will be in the unit pick list. The guidance is to register the individual as an assistant leader and note for the council to change the position code when it gets updated in the system.

Should the units previously known as Scoutreach units or units that require assistance to individuals have entries
in UVTS?

After further study of our Scoutreach units, we are enhancing our statements from our last issue. Currently there is no method to separate Scoutreach units from any other traditional unit type for JTE purposes regarding, for example, either advancement or unit visitations. Scoutreach units should, and need to have a unit commissioner assigned to them. Commissioners should be recording UVTS visits to all units. All visits are counted in the Journey to Excellence numbers.

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