New Videos on Commissioners Website

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The Commissioner Tools Focus Group has created more than a dozen “Commissioner Tools How-to …” training videos of approximately five minutes or less in duration, all of which can be accessed from the Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools page on the Commissioners website. [[link to]]

These include:

  • Accessing Commissioner Tools—Demonstrates how to access the tools and provides a brief overview.
  • Unit Assessment Scoring Matrix—Defines the scoring parameters used to complete an assessment.
  • Entering a Unit Contact—The basic contact information and the entry point for creating either a Simple Assessment or a Detailed Assessment.
  • Simple Assessment—The shortest and simplest entry to report a unit contact.
  • Commissioner Administration Tab (at the Home menu)—Administrative commissioners will use this tab to assign commissioners to units and monitor unit service within the district or council.
  • Roundtable Tab—For planning future roundtables and documenting unit roundtable attendance and participation.
  • Reports Button (within the Units tab)—Commissioners can choose to view and download a variety of district-level reports.
  • Using the Commissioner Profile Tab—Individualized summary of assigned units, contacts made in the previous four months, and unit contacts made by a specific commissioner.
  • Discussion Tab—A dialogue capability for collaboration among commissioners at the same organizational level.
  • Units Tab—This video describes the specifics of the features found on the Units Tab and how to navigate this tab and the records of contacts for units.

More Videos to Come

  • Detailed Assessment—How, why, and when to complete a Detailed Assessment and its variations, including a collaborative assessment.
  • Why Build a Unit Service Plan?—This video discusses how Commissioner Tools works with the Unit Service Plan to better support units.
  • Developing a Unit Service Plan—This video explains how to use the results of a collaborative assessment to develop a Unit Service Plan.
  • Updating a Unit Service Plan—This video explains how to use a Simple Assessment to update a Unit Service Plan.
  • Developing a Collaborative Unit Assessment—This video helps you learn how to use Commissioner Tools and the Unit Service Plan and explains how to develop a collaborative unit assessment.
  • Collaborative Assessment Key Concepts—This video explains key concepts related to a collaborative unit assessment.