Questions and Answers

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Having an identity crisis?

Are you experiencing a problem with your BSA registration information? First, be certain that your local council has properly registered you in your commissioner position. If you’re still having problems, contact the BSA Member Care Contact Center at

Where do I find information about Scouting awards?

Information about Scouting awards including the Arrowhead Honor Award and the Distinguished Commissioner Award can be found in chapter 15 of the Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service. [[link to:]]Information is also available at Awards Central. [[link to]]

How do I contact the help desk?[[mailto]] and the phone number is 972-580-2489.

What is Scouting Wire?

Scouting Wire is a new official BSA website offering Scouting news and updates for volunteers and professionals. This site ties together all of the news for volunteers and professionals and lets you sign up for the news you want to read. Check it out and opt in at[[link]]

How do I find commissioner information on social media?

Commissioners are active on the following social media channels.