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Questions related to the “New Ways to Do Scouting Business” article found in this issue

Q: Since the “lapsed” status will no longer exist, what are the implications for unit insurance coverage, access to district/council activities, and anything that requires current BSA membership, like OA membership?

The general liability policy provides coverage for official Scouting activities. If a unit’s charter expires and adults in that unit are no longer registered, then they are not provided general liability coverage. The Council Accident and Sickness Plan renews January 1. Enrollment in the plan depends on whether or not a unit has renewed. Each council will work to determine access to district and council activities, but obviously anyone serving in an active leadership role needs to be currently registered. An individual’s access to national resources such as my.Scouting Tools will expire 30 days after the expired registration and it is immediately restored when the person renews his or her membership.

Q: Will the youth advancement and leader training/ awards records be maintained for units that don’t meet the charter renewal deadline? For how long?

Records will continue to be maintained and can be made active when the unit renews its charter. The unit will have Internet Advancement access for 30 days.

Q: How do we proceed with a Scout who has completed all the requirements for Eagle but whose unit is not renewed? Can he have a board of review? How do we verify advancement records? Should he be penalized for adult failures?

Each board of review and local council will take circumstances into consideration.

Q: What happens to a unit’s tenure? Will it continue once the unit reregisters, or will it restart?

Unit tenure can be maintained if the unit renews within 12 months, and if there is a time lag, the unit can backdate its registration.

Q: Is a “separated” unit allowed to meet and conduct Scouting activities during its separation status?

It is up to the local council to decide if a unit can meet or conduct Scouting activities.

Q: Is a “separated” unit allowed to purchase advancements during its separated status?

The unit can only access Internet Advancement for 30 days. It used to be 90 days (this is the main change).

Q: What is the process for a “separated” unit to reregister? Can the unit just complete the charter renewal process or must it charter as a new unit?

The unit can simply complete the charter renewal process. It can still access Internet Rechartering for 60 days. The registrar can print a charter renewal out of PAS for 12 months. After 12 months, however, the unit would be new.

College of Commissioner Science Training Codes

Q: Is there is a code for each commissioner college course to enter into ScoutNET? When I looked with my registrar, all we found were the major things like the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. We could not find the individual courses. Are they not recorded in ScoutNET?

We do not record courses taken at a commissioner college. The college registrar should be keeping track of that information. At the national level, we only record diplomas received.

Commissioner Newsletter

Q: How often is The Commissioner newsletter issued?

The Commissioner newsletter is issued in February, May, and October. Updates to the Upcoming Commissioner Colleges page are done for those issues. Deadlines are the first of the month prior to the issue month.

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