UVTS Features Wish List

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We have been compiling a wish list for future enhancements to the Unit Visit Tracking System. The new version of UVTS will likely be launched when the BSA information system is revamped. Certain aspects of the new information system have already been introduced. When it is our turn for input, we want to be ready.

Features that have been formally requested:

  • Add the “Date Entered” column in the exports.
  • Make the Summary Report list all the units and put zero in those units with no visits (like it was in 2011). This will require that the date filter work in selecting the year but still have all the units listed.

Features that have been suggested:

  • Report tool for creating custom reports
  • Set of standard reports
  • Notification that an administrative commissioner has made a comment about a visit
  • Notification indicator that can alert an administrative commissioner of a situation in a unit
  • More options for the type of visit
  • Smartphone apps


If you have suggestions for features to add to the wish list, please email Darlene Sprague at darsprague@roadrunner.com. Make sure to include details so we understand exactly what you are requesting.