Commissioner Questions and Answers

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Darlene Sprague
National Commissioner Service Resources Chair

Should Scoutreach units have entries in UVTS?

Currently there is no method to separate Scoutreach units from any other traditional unit type for JTE purposes regarding, for example, either advancement or unit visitations.

More correctly stated, Scoutreach units should NOT be counted for the JTE commissioner visit requirement because they do not typically have commissioners assigned. A counting problem based on Scoutreach units will occur if those units are intermingled with regular units in the typical district. Some councils avoid that counting problem by separating their Scoutreach units into Scoutreach-only “districts,” which allows them to easily “back out” those units from the JTE statistics.

What if I don’t have Internet access?

For a commissioner who does not have access to UVTS or the Internet, here is a sample UVTS form they can fill out and submit to their assistant district commissioner or district commissioner who can input it into UVTS.

Is it possible to print The Commissioner online newsletter?

You asked and we listened. We now have a PDF version of the new electronic newsletter. It is available by clicking under the masthead on the electronic version.


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Is a roundtable commissioner able to make entries in the UVTS system?

UVTS allows the roundtable commissioner and registered roundtable staff registered positions to make a unit visit entry. They were included because in some councils they are assigned to serve units. Roundtable attendance should not be entered into UVTS.