Entering Information in UVTS

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What contacts should be entered in UVTS?

Now that UVTS is stabilized and commissioners are entering visits, there have been many discussions about which contacts should be entered in UVTS. Remember, UVTS is just a tool to keep track of your visits. The important part of the visit is the visit itself and the information you obtain about the health of the unit. A good rule of thumb is the contact/visit should be recorded in UVTS if you can select one or more of the quality indicators to attach to it. For meetings involving youth, you should be able to evaluate all the quality indicators. Currently, there are many recorded visits in UVTS with no indicators selected. Incomplete entries in UVTS are not useful to those reading them, including the person who entered the information originally and returns for a historical review. Enough information should be entered to give a sense of the unit health. Use the following chart of quality indicators for reference.


Did the observed program reflect prior planning and adequate preparation?


Was the observed activity appropriate to the stated advancement and program objectives for this unit?


Was adult (and age-appropriate youth) leadership present during this activity?


Did the Scouts appear to enjoy and be engaged with the program activity?


Was actual attendance at this activity at or near the number of enrolled youth?

Who enters the contacts?

Visit informally with leaders but do not use roundtables as a primary unit contact. Leaders attend to get program ideas and techniques for their next month’s meetings. Do not take them away from the program. Talk with them informally during the fellowship portion of the roundtable.

The visit should be entered primarily by a unit commissioner or assistant district commissioner. Visits by district commissioners, assistant council commissioners, council commissioners, area commissioners, and region commissioners, while wonderful, are not regularly scheduled visits with the intent on improving the unit program.

What about roundtable attendance?

Roundtable attendance is not a unit visit. It is a supplemental training event that unit leaders attend. Attendance should be recorded, but not in UVTS. The Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service provides the following information about roundtables: