The Purpose of the District UVTS Monthly Report

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What is the purpose of the district UVTS monthly report?

What It Is

  • A stand-alone manual report
  • A report to show which districts are currently using UVTS
  • A report to show district UVTS activity during the year
  • A report for helping councils encourage districts not using UVTS to participate
  • A report that captures previous monthly activity when the unit visits are actually entered in UVTS, not the dates when the actual unit visits are made
  • A positive reinforcement acknowledgement and recognition of districts using UVTS
  • A temporary report that will be replaced by an actual JTE district dashboard to reflect real-time UVTS data and unit visits entered (target of May 2013)

What It Is Not

The district UVTS monthly report is not any of the following:

  • A JTE district dashboard
  • A real-time ScoutNET/PAS report
  • A real-time UVTS data report
  • A real-time JTE data report
  • A record of when the unit visits are actually made