What’s New on the Commissioners Website

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Darlene Sprague
National Commissioner Service Resources Chair

There are a few new things on the Commissioners website, with more to come. You should have noticed that the new training materials are posted on the website, but this section is about to take on a new look. A Training page will outline the commissioner training but will have subpages for Basic Training, National Training (Philmont and Seabase), and the College of Commissioner Science. There will also be a subpage listing colleges of commissioner science across the nation.

Here are some other changes that are in the works:

  • We have been working with the Supply Group to update the Commissioner Products page. In the coming months, you will see some new products with the new logos added. For now, we have eliminated out-of-stock materials.
  • The Commissioner Manuals and Resources page will have some subpages, including Graphics and Forms and Information Modules (formerly manuals), which are now under development.
  • Recruiting and Retention will have subpages as well: Recruiting Commissioners; Awards and Recognition; and Retention.
  • The Commissioner Newsletter page contains the current The Commissioner. Note at the bottom right the Archive section where you will find previous editions of the newsletter.
  • We are hoping to implement an “Updated” feature so you will know what has been updated on the pages. These updated items will have a date so you know when it was changed.

The bottom line—Make frequents stops on the Commissioners website for the latest information about commissioner service.