Questions and Answers

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The UVTS hotline is working again with a minor change. Any volunteer questions or issues about Journey to Excellence or any other related BSA items need to be directed to the National BSA Support Center at 972-672-4389.

Where can I find copies of previous issues of The Commissioner?

At the bottom right of The Commissioner newsletter home page is the Archive section. Clicking on either the “Archive” heading or the “See prior issues of The Commissioner newsletter” text will take you to previous editions.

Where can I find the listing of colleges of commissioner science across the nation?

On the Commissioners website (, click Commissioner Training on the left side of the page. When the Commissioner Training page opens, click the link just below the “College of Commissioner Science Courses” heading:

Click here for a list of upcoming commissioner colleges.

Note: To have your council’s college listed, please send information to Darlene Sprague at