What’s In and What’s Out for 2015

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Darlene Sprague
National Commissioner Service Resources Chair




What Is Out

What Is In


Commissioner Tools

The Annual Commissioner Service Plan

Unit Service Plan

Unit Self-Assessment
Commissioner Assessment

Collaborative Assessment

Commissioner Worksheets

Simple Assessments
Detailed Assessments

Unit Key 2

Unit Key 3


“contacts”—meaningful contacts

3:1 ratio of units to commissioner

An adequate number of trained unit commissioners who provide a link to district operating resources in support of a quality unit program


Unit Performance Guide


Commissioner impact on unit retention


Unit program plan included in JTE measure

Old commissioner logo

New commissioner logo

old commissioner logo

new commissioner logo

2013–2014 roundtable guides

2014–2015 roundtable guides

Old Commissioner College roundtable course

Seven new Commissioner College roundtable courses

Uniform inspections

Meaningful contacts