Questions and Answers

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How often is the “Upcoming Commissioner Colleges” information updated?

The website posting of the Upcoming Commissioner Colleges is updated three times each year: in February, May, and October. Deadlines for getting information posted are January 1, April 15, and September 15. Send the following information to council name, city, and state; date and time of event; event location with address; contact information; and a Web link or PDF file with details of the event.

The number of colleges reported has grown immensely in the year or so we have started publishing this list. This month’s listing is our largest yet with more than 30 colleges between now and December. We are hopeful that the new training resources posted 18 months ago have inspired all of you to conduct a college.

Will the blank assessment forms be available on the website?

Yes. We are in the process of getting the PDF versions extracted from the Commissioner Tools, and will post them on the Commissioner Manuals and Resources page. In addition, we will be posting some assessment exercises for training purposes on the Commissioner Manuals and Resources page.

What about the manuals?

Now that Commissioner Tools has been released and the Unit Service Plan finalized, the team will be updating all of the chapters in the old manuals, converting them to modules, and placing them on the Commissioner Manuals and Resources page. As you might imagine, there are quite a few changes to these resources. We will be simplifying and, of course, unifying them with all of our best practices. The new modules will let you build your own “reference guide” by selecting the modules most important to your position.

Do commissioners have a social media presence?

Yes. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Get commissioner announcements on social media first!

Do you have a question for the National Commissioner Support Team? Send your questions to at any time. Those that are of general interest will be used in this column.