UVTS Frequently Asked Questions

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UVTS: What counts?
What gets counted as a visit?  How is it reported for Journey to Excellence?  These questions often arise at the end of year.  Every visit recorded in UVTS for a unit gets counted for the unit, regardless of who makes the visit—unit commissioner, administrative commissioner, etc.—they all count.  Here is the key: the visits must be entered as soon as possible. The date they are created in UVTS is the trigger, not the date of the visit. The JTE measure is met when a unit is visited six or more times during the year.  If all of the December visits were entered after Jan. 1, they did not count in 2011. Visits should be made throughout the year, not all at once to meet the measure.

What about roundtables? 
Does seeing a unit leader at roundtable count as a visit?  If a roundtable is the only option for a meeting due to distance and there is discussion about the unit, it may be entered as a visit. However, active discussion on unit health should occur. In other words, unit service has been rendered; this was not simply an opportunity to communicate. For most all unit commissioners, having their unit leader attend a roundtable should not be entered as a visit as it is not possible to observe the unit in operation.

What is the point?
 The point of visiting a unit is to observe how it is doing and to determine if it needs any help from the commissioner or the district. The recording of the visit should contain some detail of what was discussed. If there any unit health issues are uncovered, they need to be communicated up the chain to an administrative commissioner or a council commissioner so action can be taken to help the unit out of any difficult situations. Simply recording those issues in UVTS may not bring it to anyone’s immediate attention.