UVTS Isn’t Just for Tracking Anymore

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Darlene Sprague
National Commissioner Service Resources Chair

UVTS is the name the Unit Visit Tracking System was given at its inception, but UVTS should be called “USES,” to quote my friend Larry Chase at Philmont this past summer. It is a tool that when used properly has many uses. Let’s explore this a bit further.

Point 1—When adding a visit, are you putting in a good description of the visit? When you look back at your entries, will “Talked with the Scoutmaster” really be useful? Wouldn’t something like “Spoke with the Scoutmaster about having someone from the District Advancement Committee work with the new troop advancement chair to properly maintain advancement records” be more USEful to you or anyone else reading this entry?

Point 2—After entering the basic information about unit number, date, attendance, and type of meeting, are you completing the Comments section? Did you know you can put in comments based on the visit, and/ or add comments based on the unit? Take a second look. How USEful would these comments be to you when you look back, or to an assistant district commissioner or other administrative commissioner?

Point 3—Did you mark all the Quality Indicators that apply? I contend that it isn’t really a visit unless you can check off at least one indicator. Maybe add some comments about the indicators you selected. Wouldn’t that be USEful when it came time for the self-assessment meeting?

Point 4—Have you used the Focus function? A focus is a note or comment you can add to the unit visit record to help you in your ongoing planning, such as reminders, notes about upcoming visits, etc. Commissioners can view, add, edit, or delete a focus they created. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot going on these days, and some reminders are always USEful to me.

Try to look at the UVTS (or “USES”) tool as something you as a commissioner can use to your advantage. If the visit is important enough to make an entry, why not make it something USEful to you and your readers!

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