Western Region Serves Units with Unit Service Plan

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Jan Perkins
Western Region Commissioner

In the summer of 2011, the Western Region Key 3 and board committed themselves to the principle that the future of Scouting depends in large part on the ability of councils and districts to provide units and their members with an awesome Scouting experience. Tom Fitzgibbon, our region director, suggested that we develop a process, using the Journey to Excellence scorecard, to guide unit commissioners as they help units to have an awesome experience by continuously improving. The result is the Unit Service Plan.

The Unit Service Plan is premised on the following: (1) commissioners are successful when a district’s youth membership grows and units are providing a fun-filled exciting program for youth; (2) unit commissioners are the customer service officers who coach unit leaders toward success; and (3) units that continuously improve their Journey to Excellence scores will provide better program to the boys and young adults they serve.

The process is simplicity itself:

  1. Using the unit Journey to Excellence scorecard, each unit commissioner identifies the best practices and needs of each unit.
  2. The unit commissioner identifies services and resources that will help the unit improve its Journey to Excellence score.
  3. Best practices are shared throughout the district as an additional resource for units.
  4. The unit commissioner and the unit “partner” to improve the Journey to Excellence score.
  5. The unit commissioner follows through, using district and council resources, to see that the promised services are provided.
  6. Units are constantly evaluated and the process is repeated as results are obtained.

In addition to helping units improve their program, the Unit Service Plan defines the role of a unit commissioner, establishes a standard of success for unit commissioners, and empowers unit commissioners to manage unit service from the district. Further, as a result of the Unit Service Plan, districts are beginning to better fulfill their role in serving units.

Currently, the Unit Service Plan, together with training and support materials and a catalog of services, has been provided to Western Region councils. The plan is just beginning to be used by unit commissioners.

The Western Region is convinced that the Unit Service Plan will help units keep the promise that was made to youth members when they joined. Keeping that promise will enrich the lives of our youth members.