How Do I …?

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“I get it … there are new and better ways to provide unit service. But how do I learn how to use these new tools?”

That’s a completely reasonable question.

The pace of change in unit service is challenging. As new processes and technology come online, we’re working to provide resources that will enable commissioners to implement them successfully.


Revisions that include new concepts, including the Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools, are well underway. Shortly, you will find new versions of our basic training courses available on our Commissioner Training Web page. That will always be your best source for the most current commissioner training information.

We began incorporating material about new processes and technology into conferences offered during Commissioner Week at Philmont Training Center earlier this year. If you are able to attend Commissioner Week in 2015, you’ll find even more information included in those conferences, as well as the opportunity to talk directly to members of our National Commissioner Task Force.

Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools

The Commissioners website now includes a link dedicated to the Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools. Currently, you’ll find a detailed presentation on the Unit Service Plan and a wealth of information about Commissioner Tools. (Remember, the Unit Service Plan is a key element of Commissioner Tools. Implementing Commissioner Tools is the best path to implementing the Unit Service Plan; preparing for the former also prepares you for the latter.)

Check the site frequently. Information is being added periodically, and the site will always be your best resource for information about the Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools.

Other resources will become available as we move beyond the current pilot implementations. Webinars will be available to train council unit service teams. Also, an application that will enable Commissioner Tools hands-on experience and practice—MyDemo—will be available. Entries in MyDemo won’t be captured in the production version of Commissioner Tools that council unit service teams will use once they convert to the new application.

Social Media

Finally, you may have noticed that unit service is more visible on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other similar sites. Rick Hillenbrand, a recent addition to our team, is working hard to make sure the most current information is available through social media channels.

Effective change requires effective communication; we’ll continue to do our best to meet your needs in this critical area.