Commissioner Recruiting Tip: What’s a Data Dog?

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Successful unit service teams need members with different skills. An excellent unit commissioner may not be the best candidate to serve as a roundtable commissioner; one administrative commissioner might be excellent at leading a team of unit commissioners while another might be better suitedto take responsibility for unit service communications.

If you haven’t already read “USES for UVTS” elsewhere inthis issue, take a minute to do so.

Effective use of UVTS by a unit service team requires the ability to identify and extract actionable information from the system. It isn’t hard, but making the best use of information from UVTS today requires someone who is adept at manipulating data in Excel. Not every commissioner, and certainly not every district or council commissioner, is skilled at or comfortable with Excel. And learning those skills may not be the best use of their time when their focus needs to be on helping more units serve more kids better.

The solution? A data dog! There are individuals throughout Scouting who are skilled at and enjoy manipulating data (data to them is like a bone to a dog—something enjoyable to chew on). All they need is access to the data in UVTS in Excel format (easy to do—for them) and an understanding of the information that you’re after.

Add a data dog to your district or council team. You’ll be amazed at the USES you’ll find for UVTS once you have someone who can convert data into actionable information for you. A data dog will also make it easier for you to link units that have unique service needs to resources available on your district or council operating committee.