Celebrating Excellence in Unit Service

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The Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service was established to recognize the effort and impact of direct service to units by commissioners. While its requirements are being revised to reflect current unit service tools, techniques, and processes, its intent will remain unchanged. The new requirements and a revised progress record will be available on the commissioner Awards and Recognition Web page as soon as possible.

What has changed?

  • Excellence requires preparation. General requirements help guide that:
    1. Providing direct unit service over a minimum of two years
    2. Exhibiting a high degree of Scout spirit
    3. Earning the Arrowhead Honor Award
  • The new requirements reflect the four objectives shared by commissioners:
    1. Supporting unit growth through the Journey to Excellence
    2. Contacting units and capturing their strengths and needs in Commissioner Tools
    3. Linking unit needs to district operating committee resources
    4. Supporting timely charter renewal
  • The Unit Service Plan is a key element:
    1. Working collaboratively with the unit Key 3, identify opportunities for improvement
    2. Working collaboratively with the unit Key 3, develop SMART goals to address those opportunities and demonstrate linkage between unit needs and district operating committee resources
  • Commissioner Tools has been incorporated:
    1. The results of the Collaborative Assessment and the plan’s SMART goals are recorded in a Detailed Assessment.
    2. Continuing, periodic Detailed Assessments over two consecutive years report progress and update the Unit Service Plan.
    3. Both on-site and other significant contacts with the unit are recorded in Commissioner Tools.
  • Consistency of service is recognized. Some unit commissioners serve multiple units and, in doing so, consistently record their contacts in Commissioner Tools and ensure that all units renew their charters on a timely basis.

Continuing personal development is an important element of excellence; those criteria remain much the same as in the past.

Also unchanged is a focus on direct service to units. Any commissioner can earn the Award of Excellence, but it must be earned through providing direct service to at least one unit that the commissioner has agreed to serve as its unit commissioner.

Some commissioners are already working toward achievement of the Award of Excellence under the existing requirements. They should complete that work. Commissioners who have already started under the existing requirements will have up to two years to complete them after the new requirements are published on the Awards and Recognition Web page.

The Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service is our premier recognition of direct service to units. Those who meet its standards demonstrate the impact that commissioners can have when working collaboratively with a unit’s Key 3. The requirements are challenging, but the results are rewarding.