Success Story

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Larry Chase
National Commissioner Service Recruiting and Retention Chair

Dan Morgan was the first person in the Atlanta Area Council to earn the Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service. He serves as an assistant district commissioner and, as an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, saw opportunities to improve service to those units.

Dan created a repeatable process that resulted in timely leader registration and training in the units he served. To ensure their timely completion, volunteer applications were included in the process of calling a Church member to a Scouting position. In extending the call, Church leaders provided the Scouter with detailed expectations, including completion of training and attendance at roundtables, and ensured successful completion of applications and Youth Protection training before a bishop sustained the Scouter in the sacrament. The Church provides notice of the appointment of a leader to the unit commissioner to enable training coordination.

As a result, Dan’s Church-based units were more successful in establishing new leaders who were trained and understood the expectations of their commitment to serve youth through Scouting.

That’s success!

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