Membership Validation: The Commissioner’s Role

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Our membership validation procedures help ensure that our records of units and their youth and adult members are accurate. Commissioners play an important role in carrying out those procedures, which also provide an excellent opportunity for them to partner with district executives and district operating committee members to help our units deliver the best possible program to the youth they serve.

Unit health assessments are an important tool for commissioners. Whether done independently or in conjunction with a unit self-assessment, unit health assessments establish progress on the Journey to Excellence. When units aren’t achieving JTE Bronze, Silver, or Gold status or are exhibiting signs of declining performance, unit health assessments should result in the development of an action plan to help the unit improve. Action plans may also be appropriate for those units that are already achieving Bronze or Silver status but have opportunities to improve performance further. Action plans should be developed to assist the unit in attaining the highest possible JTE level.

Our Unit Visit Tracking System is a great resource when completing unit health assessments. When assessments are entered into UVTS, reports of those assessments can be exported and shared with appropriate members of the district operating committee. Unit commissioners should be focused on linking district committee resources to the units they serve, helping their units plug into the expertise that is resident in district operating committee membership. Entering unit health assessments in UVTS facilitates that.

Continuous improvement is a fundamental concept in both the Journey to Excellence and unit health assessments. Once assessments (and action plans, if needed) are completed, our membership validation process leverages that by calling for monthly review and reports on action plan progress and a comparison of unit status to the prior assessment twice each year. Here, again, UVTS provides an easy method to provide monthly updates and periodic comparisons (and to share the results with the district operating committee).

For commissioners, our membership validation process is much more than a tool to ensure the accuracy of membership records; it also supports their ongoing efforts to help our units serve more kids better.