Recruiting Commissioners: A New Look at Responsibilities and Results

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What would simplified role descriptions for commissioners look like? Let’s consider two key administrative commissioner positions—council commissioner and district commissioner.

What is the role of a council commissioner? It includes just five key components:

  • To envision what effective unit service in the council will look like and what goals must be accomplished during the current term of service to fulfill that vision
  • To represent volunteers and Scouts to the council’s board of directors and its executive committee and professionals
  • To recruit cabinet members and support the recruitment of district commissioners and an adequate number of administrative, roundtable, and unit commissioners to provide effective unit service throughout the council
  • To retain commissioners and units
  • To enable commissioners to be successful

Envisioning requires alignment. Council commissioners should review their vision with the other members of their Key 3 to ensure mutual support.

There are limits to the council commissioner’s role in recruitment. The focus is on identifying the resources needed and recruiting and training administrative commissioners to recruit as well as creating a culture of accountability across the entire corps.

Retaining commissioners includes ensuring recognition of their efforts.

Enabling success includes ensuring timely, effective training; assessing performance; and assigning staff where their skills best match their responsibilities.

If that describes the role of the council commissioner, what does success look like? While there are a number of metrics that may be of value, with just seven a council commissioner can quickly determine if unit service is on track:

  • Council JTE scores for:
    • Commissioner service
    • Unit visitations
  • Percentage of new units served by new-unit commissioners
  • Percentage of units retained annually
  • Percentage of units achieving JTE status
  • Percentage of units renewing their charter in a timely manner
  • Percentage of units represented at monthly roundtables

And what about a district commissioner? The role description would be identical, with one small adjustment: The district commissioner’s vision of effective unit service in the district should support the council’s vision.

It’s that simple.