Why Use Commissioner Tools?

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Larry Chase
National Commissioner Service Recruiting and Retention Chair

Commissioner Tools was developed to enable commissioners to provide unit service quicker and more efficiently. While the data from UVTS will be retained, UVTS will no longer be available to councils once they convert to Commissioner Tools.

The mission of unit service is to help units better serve more youth through Scouting. To accomplish that, commissioners must accomplish four objectives:

  1. Support unit growth through the Journey to Excellence.
  2. Contact units and capture their strengths and needs in Commissioner Tools.
  3. Link unit needs to district operating committee resources.
  4. Support timely charter renewal. Commissioner Tools was designed to help commissioners fulfill their mission by providing benefits in four areas:

1. Enabling easy access to actionable information

Commissioners, in real time, will use dashboards to view summary information about a unit’s membership, the status of its leaders’ Youth Protection and position-specific training, their participation in district roundtables, and the unit’s current needs and opportunities to improve performance. As additional my.Scouting Tools are released (such as Advancement and Charter Renewal), commissioners will also have direct access to that information.

2. Enabling improved focus on their primary objectives

Commissioners will be able to work together with a unit’s Key 3 to develop a Unit Service Plan: an assessment of the unit’s strengths and needs and a prioritized list of action items, including accountability and target dates for completion. Completion of those tasks will enable continuous improvement in planning and budget, membership, program, and volunteer leadership. Through ongoing unit contacts, commissioners will be able to identify unit needs and capture periodic updates of the collaborative assessment of unit health and ensure the plan for improvement is moving forward.

3. Supporting roundtable administration and promotion

Roundtable commissioners will be able to publish dates of upcoming roundtables, agendas, and unit participation information, and note key developments. That will enable unit commissioners to effectively promote participation.

4. Supporting commissioner administration

Administrative commissioners will be able to assign unit commissioners and identify their training needs, and identify units that need a commissioner assigned. They will also be able to identify newly formed units so they can be assigned a dedicated new-unit commissioner.

Reports will be available online and can be downloaded in Excel format.

All of Commissioner Tools’ benefits are available to all district and council commissioned professionals. They, too, are encouraged to become familiar with it and use it to support volunteers more effectively.

Simply stated, Commissioner Tools is a better way to:

  1. Improve the retention rate of traditional units.
  2. Support implementation of the Unit Service Plan through detailed assessments and an increased number of significant unit contacts.
  3. Improve the performance rating of units using Journey to Excellence metrics.