Recruitment and Retention

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 Ellie Morrison
National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair

What do Journey to Excellence and commissioners have in common?

They both help units succeed!

Commissioners play a role in Journey to Excellence. First, they must do their share—make those visits, record them in UVTS, and recruit sufficient commissioners so that their council’s ratio improves. Second, they help their units understand the importance of Journey to Excellence and encourage and support the unit’s participation in the program.

Journey to Excellence does a lot for a unit beyond providing recognition for having a good unit. It helps provide a framework for planning the program for the unit for a year with a balanced approach to those items that make a unit great. It sets a benchmark for good performance and encourages goal setting for the unit. And there is the all-important assessment, which is done twice annually to help reveal where the unit is on target and determine areas of improvement.

There are some changes in the criteria for Journey to Excellence for 2012, and there will be more changes next year. The tool, like the unit, is supposed to be constantly raising the bar, helping units provide better and better service. This 2012 Journey to Excellence Requirement Changes article in this issue outlines all the changes for this year.

Every unit wants to be the best it can be. Journey to Excellence is a tool to help a unit get there.

Visit Scouting’s Journey to Excellence website for scorecards and more JTE information.