Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service Knot to Be Available

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The Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service was introduced at the May 2011 National Annual Business Meeting. Its purpose is simple: to recognize volunteers who are providing excellent commissioner service with a knot and to let those commissioners lead by example. The award recognizes and celebrates commissioners who use contemporary tools and techniques to provide the level of service our units need to be successful in Scouting’s second century.

The award knot has not been available as its requirements are intended to be completed over the course of two consecutive years. Also, one of the requirements was participation in or staffing of one continuing education event for commissioner service and credit cannot be given for service prior to the date the award was introduced.

But with the second anniversary of the award’s introduction rapidly approaching, that is about to change. Volunteers who have successfully completed the requirements for this award will be able to purchase the knot from BSA Supply starting May 1, 2013. It should also be available for purchase from Scout Shops by that date.

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