Administrative Commissioner Commissioning Ceremony


[Facing Audience]

The acceptance of a commission to administer service to Scouting units is one of the most important obligations accepted by a volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America. The issuance of a commission represents formal empowerment by the Boy Scouts of America to perform the duties and undertake the responsibilities of a designated commissioner position, and the acceptance of that obligation by the commissioner. We are privileged today to present commissions to volunteers who will undertake that obligation.

[Facing Candidates]

You have been duly selected, oriented, and trained to serve as an administrative commissioner1 in the Boy Scouts of America. You have undertaken a leadership role in your district2 to help other commissioners help units better serve more youth through Scouting. You will succeed only when they succeed.

Let me now ask you three questions. Please raise your hands in the Scout sign.

  1. Do you promise, by example in your daily life, to make the Scout Oath and Law a vital force in the lives of the youth and adults you serve? If so, say, “I do.”
  2. [Candidates: “I do”]

  3. Do you promise to ensure that the unit service provided in your district2 is the best that can be given? If so, say, “I do.”
  4. [Candidates: “I do”]

  5. Will you commit yourself to:
  • Recruiting an adequate number of commissioners who provide a link to district operating committees in support of a quality unit program,
  • Training commissioners to
    • Support unit growth through the Journey to Excellence,
    • Contact units and capture their strengths and needs in Commissioner Tools,
    • Link unit needs to district operating committee resources, and
    • Support timely charter renewal?
  • Motivating commissioners to engage adult unit leaders to ensure they deliver a program that will attract and retain youth, and,
  • Recognizing and celebrating the successes of the commissioners you lead?

If so, say, “I will.”

[Candidates: “I will”]

It is now my privilege and honor, on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America, to present your commissions.

  1. Specific title (e.g., assistant district commissioner) may be inserted.
  2. “District” may be replaced with “service area,” “council,” “area,” or “region,” etc., as appropriate for the volunteer being commissioned.