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Summer 2021


Mike Weber 
Technology Chair


New Internet Recharter

As each of us look to help rebuild and grow our Scouting organization, a key component of growth and retention is the charter renewal process. This fall, with the benefits of available technology that the National Service Center has been continually developing, we will be able to use the new Internet Recharter for all units that have a December charter expiration date and beyond.

There are many aspects of the new charter renewal process that will help each unit complete their task easier and quicker. Here is a brief list of some of the exciting new features that you will find useful:

  • Sign into Internet Advancement ( with the same login as Scoutbook. 
  • No access codes are necessary. 
  • Single Screen with complete unit roster – youth and adults – for review, updated and validation. 
  • Notations for CBC and current YPT status displayed for each adult. 
  • New membership applications are easily handled either online or scanned and uploaded.
  • Easy fee management totals. 
  • Payments can be made online or at the local service center. 
  • All BSA units will use the same system (Exploring Posts and Clubs included). 
  • Easy electronic approval by the COR or a designate. 

In early September, training will be available for both volunteers and professionals so that everyone is ready to begin the charter renewal process on October 15. Although this is two weeks later than in years past, most units do not need the extra time at the beginning to work on their charter. Also, since the process has been made simpler, the reduced time should not be a factor. Please understand, however, that the extra two weeks were necessary for development completion due to the degree of work this required.

A set of frequently asked questions are available here for your review. Additionally, a ‘sneak peak’ of the new Internet Recharter can be found here if you have not already seen it on social media.

  • All unit commissioners should complete the training when it becomes available.
    • Once trained, commissioners will be able to answer unit questions. 
    • There will also be a ‘sandbox’ available for commissioners to practice and view details of what unit leaders are doing within the recharter tool – available in early September. 
  • There will be two tools to monitor unit charter renewal progress:
    • A status on the unit home page in Commissioner Tools to monitor progress; 
    • An update District and Council Charter Status report in Commissioner Tools to summarize similar information by unit and district.

The new tool should enable better use of everyone’s time and help units to complete charters sooner. Please let us know what you think as you work to complete your unit’s charter. We’d love to hear from you. 

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