National Commissioner Minute

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Tico Perez
National Commissioner

My fellow commissioners,

A special welcome to the fall edition of The Commissioner. It is an exciting time to be a commissioner with the Boy Scouts of America. We are thrilled to welcome Wayne Brock as our new Chief Scout Executive. Many of us have known Wayne for many years, and it was my pleasure to serve with him while he was Scout executive in the Central Florida Council in Orlando. I am confident that he has the right vision to take us forward into the next century of Scouting. I invite you to learn a little more about Wayne and his plans by reading “Wayne’s World,” a question-and-answer article from the recent edition of Scouting magazine. Welcome, Wayne, and thank you for your ongoing support of the commissioner corps and its mission to increase retention in the Boy Scouts of America.

We own retention, and thanks to your efforts, we are continuing to see an increase in retention numbers. That means that more young people are continuing to enjoy the Scouting experience and that the commissioner corps is making a positive, game-changing impact on our membership numbers. Our retention mission statement summarizes the most important elements of our mission:

“The retention mission of the commissioner corps is best achieved by providing an adequate number of trained unit commissioners who provide a link to district committee resources in support of a quality unit program.”

It is a lot easier to improve and keep a unit than it is to start a new one. You can make the difference by supporting unit growth in the Journey to Excellence criteria, linking district committee resources to meet the unique needs of each unit you serve, visiting those units and logging the visits with UVTS, and supporting on-time charter renewal. We continue to build our commissioner corps numbers year-over-year, which is great, but the real change comes when our volunteer force feels and acts empowered to achieve our Retention Mission goals. Whatever your job in the commissioner corps or in Scouting, make 2012 the year that we as volunteers boldly step forward and own
unit retention.

Thank you all for the service you provide to youth in your local councils.