National Commissioner’s Minute

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Relationships Matter, With a Special Thanks to Our Chartered Organizations

Tico Perez
National Commissioner

One of the great rewards of serving as your national commissioner is that I meet so many outstanding volunteers and professionals who live the Scout Oath and Scout Law every day. Over the years, many of these people have become great friends. The relationships that we form in this program are unique. We instinctively understand that we are bound by something larger than ourselves. Looking back on a lifetime of faces, I am amazed and gratified by the great relationships that are part of our Scouting experience.

Relationships matter, particularly in Scouting. We see them every day and they fundamentally transform our lives. It seems appropriate as we start a new school year that we should take a moment and say a special thanks to those who make the Scouting program possible. Let’s start with our chartered organizations, which look to us to deliver a quality Scouting program to the youth affiliated with their organization and community. In doing so, they trust us with those relationships, and we need to be ready to deliver on our commitment to our chartered organizations and the constituencies they serve.

There are a lot of other kinds of relationships in Scouting that mean so much to us. Our volunteer–professional partnerships are a prime example. Recently, our 12th Chief Scout Executive, Wayne Brock, retired after 43 years of service to the youth of America. Our personal relationship spanned a lot of years, from my time as local council president to region president to the national Key 3. Thank you, Wayne, for your extraordinary service and friendship. The commissioner corps looks forward to supporting the leadership of our 13th Chief Scout Executive, Mike Surbaugh.

I recently enjoyed rekindling a number of volunteer to volunteer relationships at our first College of Commissioner Science Dean’s Retreat held at Scouting University. When you get a group of Scouters together who are lifelong friends, it does not take long for the miles between us to drop away. The event was a huge success. It is a product of a remarkable collaborative effort between Scouting University and our training team, led by Tim Acree, from the Commissioner Service Task Force.

Now it is time to build a Scouting relationship with new families across America. We have a new adventure based Cub Scouting program, designed by parents and volunteers to be both exciting and timely in its program content. Scouting has never been more relevant. The new program is easier to execute for our leaders and more fun for the boys. Cub Scout activities and a revised advancement program are front and center, but everything is aligned with the aims and mission of the Boy Scouts of America. Remember, growing Cub Scouts is the foundation of growing the Boy Scouts of America.

God bless.