National Commissioner Minute

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Tico Perez
National Commissioner

My fellow commissioners,

Our fundamental mission as commissioners remains the same—visit units and work together to ensure that the youth in every community experience a Scouting program that will change their lives. If we just do Four Things, we will continue to increase our unit retention rates and, more importantly, reinforce the delivery of a quality program in every unit that will keep our youth in Scouting for years to come.

What are those Four Things? First, help guide a unit to increase its Journey to Excellence scores. We know that the elements of JTE are the same elements that represent the best components of successful unit programs. Second, visit all of our units and record their needs in the new Commissioner Tools. Third, use the tools to communicate the needs of the unit to the expert resources of the district committee, so together we can improve unit quality. Finally, help with the on-time charter renewal of the unit so we can continue to serve more youth. That’s it—Four Things. But if we collectively focus on these four elements, we will continue to see Scouting serve and retain more youth.

Week 2, June 15–21, will mark this year’s edition of Commissioner Week at Philmont Training Center. Once again, we are setting registration records, but we still have room for you and your family to have a truly unique training and vacation experience. We have assembled the best faculty in the country, and most of the Commissioner Service Task Force will be in attendance. The task force will be prepared to share information and, more importantly, to listen to you and learn together how we can serve more youth. Of particular interest this year is a new offering, titled “Commissioner Service for Non-Traditional or Faith-Based Units.” Non-traditional units are those that involve underserved communities or minority groups.

This will also be the final year, at least for the near term, of the PTC Commissioner College, where we follow a unique program of four days of classes in your selected course, and then you take Commissioner College courses on Friday toward your Commissioner College degree. The Philmont Training Center is our national training center, and with these kinds of offerings, the other commissioners and I hope that you will join us for this special time.

Thank you for all you do every day to make Scouting possible for so many youth. Your dedication and talent are an inspiration to me.

God bless.