Larry Chase Tapped as New Recruiting and Retention Chair

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Larry Chase
National Commissioner Service Recruiting and Retention Chair

A special welcome to Larry Chase of Atlanta, Georgia, who has been appointed the new national recruiting and retention chair on the National Commissioner Service Task Force. Larry attended his first task force meeting just prior to the most recent National Annual Meeting held in Orlando. Larry succeeds Ellie Morrison, who is now serving as the new-unit retention task force chair.

Those of you who have been to the Philmont Training Center or the Florida Sea Base in the past several years may have had the opportunity to work with Larry, particularly in our council commissioner courses. The reviews indicate that Larry is one of our most distinguished national faculty. Larry has been instrumental in the design and delivery of the council commissioner courses held in both venues and the various national support materials that are now available to assist council commissioners. Larry’s primary responsibility on the task force will be to focus on the retention of our existing 30,000 plus unit commissioners and explore new avenues to recruit volunteers who may not yet realize the rewarding experience that can be found in commissioner service.

Larry is currently serving as the council commissioner for the Atlanta Area Council. We look forward to benefiting from his expertise and practical leadership experience as we continue to focus on recruiting and retaining talented commissioners and, by doing so, supporting the units that they serve throughout the country. Congratulations, Larry.