Three Major Initiatives for Task Force in 2014

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Scott Sorrels
National Commissioner Service Chair

Spring is here and it is time to serve more youth with our great program. Spring 2014 heralds three major new initiatives that are designed to make it easier for every unit-serving volunteer to more effectively serve local units. The first initiative, of course, relates to the launch of the Commissioner Tools. This new Web-based intuitive suite of support products for our unit and administrative commissioners is designed to fulfill our promise of support to you and make your volunteer experience easier and more rewarding. Every aspect of the tools design was crafted with a view of providing a product that is streamlined and enhances communications capabilities with your unit and the district resources supporting your unit. Simply provide information in the tools interface in whatever level of detail that the needs of your unit may require, and you automatically create a self-assessment plan and communicate the needs of that unit to your administrative commissioners and district committee resources. Multiple forms, steps, and processes were eliminated and instead were incorporated directly into the tools to make the entire process as easy as using the tools application itself. The beta testing and launch is only step one, and with your input, we will continue to develop and enhance the capabilities of the tools.


Rick Hillenbrand

Spring also marks the official addition of Rick Hillenbrand as our new communications chair. Rick brings an impressive record to the task force, having served as an area and council commissioner and most recently as a key volunteer in the development and launch of the Commissioner Tools. Communications challenges will always be present in a large volunteer organization, but we can use technology and other resources to push more support materials to you in any number of forms. Much of our information is currently distributed in a “pull” methodology, such as your having to visit the national website to find the most current edition of The Commissioner. Rick has been tasked with changing how we deliver information to you, whether through the tools, social media, or special optin email distributions that will communicate the latest resources to help you function more effectively. We will also indirectly offer to assist the many commissioners who provide supplemental communications support for the commissioner corps through such media as LinkedIn or Facebook or whatever the next new social media program might be.

Finally, this issue features the first contributions by Joe Domino as our underserved markets chair. Every commissioner needs to understand and appreciate the many techniques and resources that are available to deliver the Scouting promise to youth in underserved markets. Joe will work hand in hand with the BSA’s All Markets Strategy as together we reach out to serve youth from all kinds of socioeconomic environments. All kids need and deserve Scouting, but we need to deliver a program that will successfully meet their needs.