Commissioner Service Adds Chair to Focus on Scouting for Underserved Markets

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Joe Domino
National Commissioner Service Team Task Force’s Chair on Underserved Markets

We are pleased to announce that Joe Domino has been appointed to serve as the National Commissioner Service Team Task Force’s Chair on Underserved Markets. The ability to serve youth in underserved markets from all types of demographics is critical to the future of Scouting. Joe has been asked to partner with the All Markets Strategy Committee, the national staff, and others who are focused on Scouting’s All Markets strategy, and to assist the Commissioner Corps in better understanding and supporting Scouting’s ongoing efforts to serve these youth. Joe is returning to the task force in this new role, having initially servedas the region commissioner for the Southern Region.

One of Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock’s main priorities is increasing youth membership and retention rates in a quality way. The organization’s All Markets strategy, in addressing this priority, has set goals of creating support and plans for councils that will lead to an increase of market share in Asian American, African American, and Hispanic/Latino American youth, among other constituencies. Reaching these diverse communities, at times, requires printed, video, and online materials and resources in languages other than English. These include recruitment, membership resources, leader-specific training, advancement, and Youth Protection program materials. Producing secondlanguage content can help the BSA achieve several of its strategic goals such as impact and participation, building the brand, and dynamic and relevant program by providing content to diverse and multicultural audiences. Did you know, for instance, that the Communication Services Department has completed more than 100 publications that were either bilingual (English with a second language) or entirely in another language? The most common language for translations was Spanish, but materials have also been translated into Korean, Vietnamese,Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

To be clear, our fundamental task of unit retention and supporting a quality program experience for our youth has not changed. As commissioners, however, it is important that we understand the BSA’s All Markets strategy and the many resources that are available to serve local units. Joe will lead the efforts to equip every unit and administrative commissioner with the core information they need to understand the All Markets strategy and encourage our continuing efforts to bring the Scouting program to every diverse community in America.Please congratulate Joe on his appointment.