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Summer 2021


Chris Beaver
Roundtable Chair

Grow Scouting through Roundtable and Unit Leader Engagement

As we move into the fall season it will be crucial to engage all unit volunteers through roundtable, meeting each where they are and providing the Unit Service each Scout deserves. In fact, this idea of engagement is key to the next few months. As unit leaders begin to host their annual recruiting events, part of the promise we give new Scouts is fun and excitement. How can we best support unit leaders, and new volunteers, as they grow their membership? Each month, Roundtable Commissioners provide an essential service to unit volunteers through consistent, quality roundtable events. These monthly gatherings provide opportunities for program support, recruiting tips, and numerous other areas that all serve to enhance the experience of everyone involved in Scouting. When Roundtable Commissioners keep their eyes and ears open to the needs of the units they serve, the monthly roundtable can’t help but be the place to be to learn valuable information, to share successes, and to interact with other Scouters.

Your national program committees work hard each month to bring you timely, relevant information aimed at continuous improvement and growth for the units you serve. For the Cub Scouts program, the focus this fall will be helping den leaders get started on the right footing to keep our Cub Scouts engaged. As for Scouts BSA, topics will home in on how Scouters can help young leaders succeed through the program by serving in a respectful, supportive manner both to the youth and to other volunteers. Both Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA breakouts will also feature video segments dedicated to helping unit volunteers find the resources they need to be successful.

In addition to the program breakouts, there are plenty of other times during your roundtable program where opportunities for growth can present themselves. For example, Hot Topics and Safety Moments allow Roundtable Commissioners to bring in subject matter experts in areas where help is needed in the district or council. This could be a time to highlight how safe Scouting is for today’s youth, any changes in the unit charter renewal program, or recruitment tips for finding new Cub Scouts and meeting families where they are in this time of social distancing. Whatever you as Roundtable Commissioners decide to provide your unit leaders through the monthly roundtable, please always remember to consider the impact you make on the lives of the youth we serve. Through Unit Service, our focus should always rest on being the heart of Scouting, building relationships with others, and changing lives for the better. Thank you for serving unit leaders through roundtable and thank you for impacting the lives of young Scouts across the BSA.

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