Effective Roundtables Comments

General comments made by various participants:

  • We have an extremely important position to help units, districts, and councils succeed.
  • A wealth of information, resources, and ideas were given.
  • Roundtable is alive and well and will be better now. Thank you!
  • I feel much more comfortable in this role.
  • Many tips on urban and rural challenges.
  • We need to include more promotion and pizzazz.
  • Lots of information about roundtable staffing, displays, and presentations.
  • How to deal with challenges and disappointment.

Betsy O’Connor, Wichita Falls, Texas:

I had a wonderful week. I always come back from Philmont renewed with new ideas and approaches to problems that we all seem to have. I have several new ideas to try out at roundtable this fall.

Susan Chotkevys, Dana Point, California:

I thoroughly enjoyed my conference with both Richard and Cheri as well as our team of crazies! It gave me so much more confidence and knowledge to share with my district. I love sharing with others. Thank you for your time and great ideas. It was one of the most personally satisfying weeks I have enjoyed.

Dennis Snodgrass, Hesperus, Colorado:

I am still talking about your class at Philmont. Wow, what a great time I had with everyone. I did my first roundtable this month and it went off without a hitch. I have to admit that I was nervous at first, but it all fell into place with everyone participating. The class was awesome and now the Boy Scout side of roundtable is interested in how we did things and wants to implement the same techniques. I give credit to Richard and Cheri. Thank you for your help and knowledge in roundtable.