Council Commissioner Comments

Steve Small, council commissioner, Del-Mar-Va Council:

I was very excited to attend Philmont during Commissioner Week and the experience did not disappoint. The training at Philmont was exceptional as always. Many of the themes were familiar to what we have been discussing here in Del-Mar-Va but with a national slant. We were able to share our successes and challenges and listen to discussions from council commissioners from all over the country as they tackle the very issues we work on here. Several sessions were taught by guest speakers; normally they were a national leader in that area.

Lee Murdoch, field director, Del-Mar-Va Council:

The course content and interactions with Scouters from across the country were engaging, inspiring, and challenging and left me feeling … committed to where it is we need to go in order to best support all of our units. I’d encourage each one of you to consider attending PTC to enjoy the fellowship, learning, and inspiration that you’ll find.

R. Brian Snow, assistant council commissioner, Daniel Webster Council:

What emerged from my participation at this event was a truly remarkable and beneficial experience. A variety of entertaining and useful insights concerning commissioner service was imparted by the training program. For example, the new-unit commissioner program was presented by the national staff in such a meaningful manner that it completely altered my … view of this initiative. As a result, upon my return, I crafted a one-page primer detailing how this program will be highly beneficial to our entire council commissioner’s staff and that is now distributed throughout the state. It is also true that a great deal was learned and has been applied from my association with other participants.