Lines of Communication

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In the last issue of The Commissioner, two of the hyperlinks were made incorrect when the link wrapped around to the next line, thereby adding a nonexistent space in the URL. As anyone who has ever typed a URL by hand can tell you, spelling counts when you use a URL. So for this issue of The Commissioner, I am repeating the links from the previous issue and adding a few additional communication outlets below (the BSA Roundtable Commissioners Facebook page and the Scout Commissioner Corner Yahoo Group).

Facebook (the leading social networking site according to

——Commissioners of the Boy Scouts of America—This is a “closed” group that you can join and is an official means of communication of the BSA, meaning the posts are less frequent but arguably of greater importance. Every commissioner should join this group. I will use this as my primary official information outlet.

——Commissioner Service (Boy Scouts of America)— This is an unofficial and “open” group, meaning the posts are frequent and can be on a wide range of topics, which requires moderators to ensure the posts are appropriate.

——BSA Roundtable Commissioners—Another unofficial and “open” group, which concentrates on roundtable commissioner issues. Members keep up a lively discussion on various topics of interest to commissioners, making it almost a virtual nonstop commissioners’ roundtable.

• LinkedIn (similar to Facebook but a business-oriented social networking site):

——Commissioners of the Boy Scouts of America—This is a “closed” group that you can join. Several times a week someone will post a thought-provoking question that is great for keeping your commissioner skills honed when it comes to “how would you handle this situation?”

• Yahoo Group (similar to Facebook):

——Scout Commissioner Corner—This is a “closed” group that you can join. While older than Facebook, there isn’t as much dialogue as on Facebook, which some might see as an advantage. However, two big advantages of this Yahoo Group is that this site indexes all messages, making it easy to find a historical post, and it has the ability to attach files to messages sent to the membership.

In the not-too-distant future, when your council has changed over to the new Commissioner Tools, you will also have an internal communication tab within the Commissioner Tools under Discussion.