Tools Tip: Identifying Priority Needs Units

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The Commissioner Tools Focus Group is working on additional reporting capabilities that will simplify this process, but in the meantime one of the most efficient ways to find the needle(s) in the haystack is for administrative commissioners to EMPHASIZE and INSIST that their reporting commissioners use the Priority Needs checkboxes in the Detailed Assessment. Through the use of existing (and future) reports, leadership can then quickly identify which units need attention and what type of help they need. Remember, commissioners do not need to complete the entire Detailed Assessment to use the Priority Needs section. It is completely acceptable to just make high-level scores for each of the four evaluation areas, and then add comments in the Step 6 – Unit Priorities and Other Comments section. It is important that administrative commissioners monitor the local threshold for designating a unit a “priority needs unit,” because if too many units are so designated the entire haystack will be needles and the task will then change to finding specific individual needles.