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Summer 2021

Scott Sorrels

National Commissioner

Why local is the most important

The COVID-19 pandemic was tough on Scouting units, especially Cub Scouts (if you find virtual meetings frustrating to sit through…

Larry Chase

Service Chair

Retention Enables Growth

Growing Scouting isn’t limited to starting new units and attracting new members; retaining units, young people, and unit leader…

Chris Beaver

Roundtable Support Chair

Growing Scouting through Roundtable and Unit Leader Engagement

As we move into the fall season it will be crucial to engage all unit volunteers…

John Cherry

Development Chair

Commissioner Week 2021 was a great success!

Ninety-two conference participants converged at the Philmont Training Center the week of June 6-12 for the 2021…

Karen Bengston

Commissioner Recruting and Retention Chair

Engaging and Inspiring Unit Leaders

The heart pumps blood, sending oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our bodies while carrying away carbon dioxide and..

Craig Martin

Program Chair

Growing Exploring

Commissioners’ Role in Re-Growing Exploring after Covid-19 Impacts. Thanks to COVID-19 vaccinations, we are seeing Scouting and Exploring units…

Linda Baker

Council Support Chair

Commissioners Can Build Belonging to Grow Scouting

Remember that in today’s world there is little interest in joining organizations, but there is…

Mike Weber

Technology Chair

New Internet Recharter

As each of us look to help rebuild and grow our Scouting organization, a key component of growth and retention is the charter renewal process…

Steve Lee

Program Support Chair

Growing Scouting through Great Program

Following a year and half of pandemic restrictions and waiting for easements to allow social gathering and traveling…

Mike Moegenburg

Marketing and Communications Chair

Join the Excitement, Join Scouting

Growing Scouting is exciting because we can share the fun we have with more youth and impart important lessons along the…

Jim Libbin

Council Support Chair

What's a Commissioner to do About Membership?

The great challenge of all Scouters across the fall of 2021 and into 2022 is growing membership across our great…

Sean Byrne

Resources Chair

It's the People Too

Last month I had the pleasure of giving the keynote presentation at Atlanta Area Council’s quarterly commissioner meeting. My topic was “Growing Scoutin…

Commissioners Staff

Starting, Sustaining, and Growing Units

GROWING SCOUTING…is the single most important thing we can do today as commissioners. Commissioners often…

Scott Sorrels

National Commissioner

Larry_Chase Headshot@2x
Larry Chase

Service Chair

Bengtson, Karen
Karen Bengston

Commissioner Recruiting and Retention Chair

Craig_Martin headshot@2x
Craig Martin

Program Chair

Weber, Mike
Mike Webber

Technology Chair

Mike Moegenburg

Marketing and
Communications Chair

Byrne, Sean
Sean Byrne

Resources Chair