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Fall 2021



John Cherry
Development Chair

Commissioner Culture: A Development Perspective

Be the Heart. Build Relationships. Change Lives

These seven words have the capacity to help transform unit service in the Boy Scouts of America. A key element of any successful organization is having a clearly defined and easy to articulate culture. These seven words capture what we need the unit service culture to be.

Commissioners have the unique opportunity to embrace these culture statements and help shape the future of our movement.

  • Think about what each of these phrases means to you and how you can incorporate each one into your regular commissioner activities.
  • Make a personal commitment to take specific action related to these culture statements.
  • Periodically evaluate how you are progressing in embracing and implementing the culture statements in your regular activities.

If you do this, you will find that you are growing and developing as a commissioner.

Your development team will be working on ways to incorporate training related to the desired unit service culture. It starts with the November, 2021 Virtual Impact Session, which will be an in-depth look at the culture statements. The team will look for ways to add unit service culture content to the basic training courses and the College of Commissioner Science curriculum in 2022. The team is also creating a body of work called “short training topics,” which are designed to be used by district commissioners as they continually train their teams. Short training topics content will start to be available toward the end of Q1 2022, as will material that can be used to implement unit service culture.

Embrace this new culture, incorporate the culture into your daily routine and become a stronger commissioner! If each of us will do this as individuals, we will have a stronger commissioner corps and, in turn, a stronger Boy Scouts of America.

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