Changes Made in Journey to Excellence Requirements

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Changes have been made to the Journey to Excellence program for 2013 after months of gathering suggestions and discussing ideas. The process involved collecting suggestions from the field throughout the year and holding two volunteer conference calls in June. During the conference calls, ideas from volunteers and the field were reviewed and all suggestions were listed. The final step was three days of interdepartmental meetings in July to agree upon and set the new criteria and breakpoints.

2013 Journey to Excellence Council Changes

  • Minimum points needed in each category for overall gold instead of one circuit breaker.
  • Fundraising growth is based upon exceeding the average of the prior three years.
  • Council leadership includes diversity and achieving strategic goals in board development.

2013 Journey to Excellence District Changes

  • Minimum points needed in each category for overall gold.
  • New fundraising criterion for staffing.
  • District leadership includes staffing of district operating committees.

2013 Journey to Excellence Unit Changes

  • New Explorer Post scorecard.
  • ScoutStrong is now in the physical fitness criterion.
  • Training changes now require two-thirds of leaders instead of all.