Farewell From the National Commissioner Staff Adviser

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Mark Wappel

 Mark Wappel

Mark Wappel

 Steve Sawyer

Wow! It has already been close to four years now since I had been assigned to national BSA commissioner service as your staff adviser. The time has gone by quickly. I will miss working with a great group of volunteer commissioners as I move on to my new role as of June 2, 2012, as senior business development/membership specialist for the Membership Impact Department in the following two functions: new-unit organization/retention and national membership initiatives.

For all future correspondence related to commissioner service beginning June 2, 2012, contact Steve Sawyer at steve.sawyer@scouting.org.

Commissioner service will be in capable hands. It has truly been a privilege and honor for me to provide direct support behind the scenes in every aspect of commissioner service to our tremendous team of volunteers these past four years. The national commissioner corps has truly exemplified what a volunteer-driven, professionally guided operation could become with volunteers and professionals working closely together. I am grateful and appreciative for knowing, working with, and supporting such a dedicated and hard-working group of volunteers. I wish to offer my successor, Steve Sawyer, Community Alliances Team, the best of success as he takes on the new role of staff adviser to the National Commissioner Service Task Force.

Here’s a little bit about Steve’s Scouting background. He has worked on the Boy Scouts of America National Council staff since May 2011 and he is serving as a membership specialist, working with national community organizations and groups with religious affiliations.

He served as a field director for the last 18 years at Circle Ten Council in Dallas, Texas, where he directly managed and supervised commissioner service, membership, volunteer recruitment, training, and fundraising. Prior to working at the Circle Ten Council, Steve served as a district director in Dallas. Steve is married and has two daughters in college.