New Den Leader Position-Specific Training Course Available

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A new Cub Scout Den Leader Position-Specific Training course syllabus has been released. It is available for download on the Adult training page. The content of the course was developed based on the results of extensive surveys of den leaders in 2006 and 2011, Voice of the Scout feedback, and a den leader “competency” study in 2012.

The new course is for Tiger Cub, Wolf, and Bear den leaders and is intended to provide them with the experience, basic information, and resources they need to conduct successful den meetings. It is also designed to address some of the primary skills that den leaders need.

There are actually two courses in the syllabus. The first is for most den leaders and is based on the seven parts of a Cub Scout den meeting using the Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide. The second option, found in the appendix, is for dens that are using Delivery System Manual Cub Scout Program (Year A or B). Either course should take about two hours so it may be offered in a single evening or morning session, with a minimum of preparation necessary.

The course can be conducted with any size group but is best conducted in a small-group setting similar in size to a den meeting. It can be facilitated by unit, district, or council trainers.

When the course is complete, the training codes C41 and C42 should be used. Tiger Cub, Wolf, and Bear den leaders who complete this training and also have current Youth Protection raining certification are considered “trained” for all three positions.

The existing Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training course is still a valid course and should continue to be used to train for all of the other pack positions. New courses for these roles are under development.

The existing e-learning courses for den leaders are also still valid, and new e-learning courses are also under development.