MyScouting Tools Introduced

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The first phase of MyScouting Tools has been introduced. MyScouting Tools is a dynamic tool for all Scouting leadership and eventually Scouts to obtain and maintain their current information.

To access MyScouting Tools, a Scouter simply logs into and clicks the link located on the landing page. A “toolkit” is equivalent to a BSA organization structure. For example, if you’re part of a unit, your unit will appear as a toolkit.

MyScouting Tools has two main levels of access: My Dashboard and Roster Manager. A unit leader or adult volunteer can access the My Dashboard tool, where announcements and calendar dates will appear. Under My Profile, leaders and volunteers now have the ability to update their contact information. This is a huge enhancement because updates to phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information are immediate.

The unit and district Key 3 will have a second level of access. The Roster Manager tool lets them view and export their roster information and make contact updates for anyone on their roster.

Under Calendar, reminders and announcements are easily created and will appear on the dashboards of other leaders with the click of a button. Calendar events become more than just a date and time on the calendar. By formatting the event, a leader can add additional information, even if it’s just a reminder to bring a sleeping bag!

A tutorial and FAQs are available on MyScouting to help.

This is just the beginning. We plan to roll out new enhancements every three to six weeks. For detailed information on what’s coming and when, click on Release Details on MyScouting.