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Spring 2021


Mike Moegenburg
Marketing and Communication Chair

Adapting to Change – Marketing and Communication

We are seeing change in many aspects of our lives. We need to adapt to change when it occurs, and as commissioners, we need to communicate that change to others.

To adapt to change, you need to be aware of the change. Do you follow Commissioner News on Have you joined the Commissioner Development Facebook group or the Roundtable News and Discussion group? Do you read the monthly newsletter in your email inbox? Are you using other communication channels to learn of changes?

When you learn of change, you should start by asking yourself what’s changing, and then ask whether or not you understand the change and its impact. Once you understand the change, you need to create your message. You might need more than one message if it impacts Scouters in multiple ways. Your message should address:

  • What’s happening
  • Why it’s happening
  • How it will affect your audience
  • How your audience can help facilitate the change

When you communicate, you want it to be effective. Here are my 5 C’s of Effective Communication:

  • Captivate — If you can’t get the audience’s attention in 50 words, you will not get them to read the rest of what you share.
  • Clear — Avoid jargon and abbreviations. Would a non-Scouter understand what you want understood?
  • Concise — Communication is a bridge that’s long enough to get the job done, but no longer.
  • Consistent — The more you say the same thing using the same wording, the more memorable it will become to those who listen.
  • Call to Action — Does your message need an action or is it just for awareness? If an action is needed, be sure to call for it.

Adapting to change can present challenges for many people. Good communication can smooth out the bumps along the way.

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