Commissioner Administration of Unit Service

All commissioner leaders should also obtain this guidebook. Download the latest version by clicking here.
It includes chapters on:

Putting a Unit Service Plan Into Action including the 6 major tasks to make a volunteer system work.

Administrative Commissioners—Specific lists of responsibilities for

  • Council commissioners
  • Assistant Council commissioners
  • District commissioners
  • Assistant District commissioners

Unit commissioners
Includes desired qualities, responsibilities, commissioner priorities, and a special note on Exploring.

Roundtable Commissioners 

A Guide for Commissioners on Good Volunteer-Professional Relationships

Commissioner Recruiting—a definitive reference. 

Commissioner Training

Commissioner Evaluation

Commissioner Meetings

Early Warning Signals
Includes good signals and danger signals when observing units.

The Annual Commissioner Service Plan

Commissioner Lifesaving

How to Remove a Volunteer

The appendix includes:

  • Orientation Meeting for New Unit Commissioners
  • Orientation for New District Commissioners
  • Training Topics for Commissioner Staff Meetings
  • The Lone Scout Commissioner—Volunteer duties and 12 reasons to become a Lone Scout
  • District Commissioner Staff Roster—form
  • Sample Monthly District Commissioner Meeting Agenda