U.S. Army Recruiting Brigades and Battalions Map

Use this map to locate the appropriate office to submit nominations for the U.S. Army Youth Certificates of Recognition Program.

6th Bde (8)
6D Denver
6F Los Angeles
6G Phoenix
6H Portland
6I Sacramento
6J Salt Lake City
6K Southern Cal
6L Seattle
5th Bde (8)
4C Dallas
4E Houston
4G Kansas City
4I New Orleans
4J Oklahoma City
4K San Antonio
4L Des Moines
4N St. Louis
3rd Bde (7)
5A Chicago
5C Cleveland
5D Columbus
5H Indianapolis
5I Great Lakes
5J Milwaukee
5K Minneapolis
2nd Bde (9)
3A Atlanta
3D Columbia
3E Jacksonville
3G Miami
3H Montgomery
3I Nashville
3J Raleigh
3N Tampa
3T Jackson
1st Bde (9)
1A Albany
1B Baltimore
1D New England
1E Harrisburg
1G New York City
1K Mid-Atlantic
1L Pittsburgh
1N Syracuse
1O Beckley
Puerto Rico
S. Korea