Silver Buffalo Award Winners 1989-1980


William Aramony
Alexandria, Virginia
President of United Way of America; Humanitarian; Human-Service Leader

Warren E. Burger
Washington, D.C.
15th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Teacher; Distinguished Jurist

Daniel W. Derbes
La Jolla, California
Corporate Executive; Distinguished Eagle Scout; Loyal Scouter

Vaughn J. Featherstone
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Advocate for Youth; Dedicated Scouter

James F. Gary
Honolulu, Hawaii
International Energy Adviser; Community Leader; Faithful Scouter

John McCullough Gibson
Drumore, Pennsylvania
Civic Leader; Farmer; Dedicated Scouter

Earl G. Graves
New York City, New York
Corporate Head; Business Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Marion D. Hanks
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Advocate for Youth; Loyal Scouter

Robert F. Harbrant
Washington, D.C.
Labor Leader; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Ben M. Hauserman
Cleveland, Ohio
Retired Business Executive; Community Leader; Faithful Scouter

Roy W. Hawkinson
St. Paul, Minnesota
Company President; Outdoorsman; Dedicated Scouter

Reuben Hitchcock
Keswick, Virginia
Retired Business Executive; Horseman; Devoted Scouter

Andrew Gerow Hodges
Birmingham, Alabama
Retired Insurance Executive; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

William Charles McCord
Dallas, Texas
Corporate Executive; Community Leader; Loyal Scouter

Henry B. Murphy
Trenton, New Jersey
Company President; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Norman Vincent Peale
New York, New York
Distinguished Author; Popular Speaker; Inspiration for Youth

Nancy Davis Reagan
The White House, Washington, D.C.
First Lady; Civic Leader; Crusader for Youth and Against Drugs

Eugene F. “Bud” Reid
Santa Barbara, California
Company President; Petroleum Geologist; Loyal Scouter

Jack B. Riffle
Late of Utica, New York
Insurance Executive; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Charles M. Schulz
Santa Rosa, California
Cartoonist; Creative Artist; Friend of Youth

Marshall M. Sloane
Boston, Massachusetts
Bank President; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter

John W. Thomas Jr.
High Point, North Carolina
Company President; Civic Leader; Faithful Scouter


Robert L. Backman
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Attorney; Distinguished Scouter

Harry E. Bovay Jr.
Houston, Texas
Retired Chief Executive Officer; Professional Engineer; Faithful Scouter

J. R. Davidsmeyer
Springfield, Illinois
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Dynamic Advocate of Exploring

Burl Ives
Montecito, California
Ballad Singer and Collector of Songs; Actor; Friend of Scouting

Ted L. Johnson
Fremont, Michigan
Company President; Community Leader; Loyal Scouter

William P. McCahill
Arlington, Virginia
Retired Marine Officer and Historian; Advocate for People With Special Needs

Charles J. Merlin
Hudson Heights, New Jersey
Founder of the Elbeetian Legion of Lone Scout Alumni; Editor and Publisher of Elbeetee

Thomas L. Parker
Columbus, Ohio
Retired Business Executive; Dedicated Scouter

Roger Tory Peterson
Old Lyme, Connecticut
Ornithologist; Artist; Naturalist

Charles M. Pigott
Bellevue, Washington
Company President; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Betty F. Pilsbury
Laurens, South Carolina
National Girl Scout President; Civic Leader; Advocate for Youth

Eddie G. Robinson
Grambling, Louisiana
Football Coach; Educator; Inspiration for Youth


Henry “Hank” Aaron
Atlanta, Georgia
Baseball Star; Humanitarian; Friend of Scouting

Monsignor Louis P. Barcelo
Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Clergyman; Educator; Dedicated Scouter

John M. Belk
Charlotte, North Carolina
Businessman; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Robert W. Dievendorf
La Crescenta, California
Friend of Youth With Special Needs; Devoted Scouter

Edward C. Joullian III
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Engineer; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Spencer W. Kimball
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Teacher; Lifelong Friend of Scouting

D. Loring Marlett
Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Public Servant; Mining, Real Estate, and Oil Executive; Humanitarian

Sanford N. McDonnell
St. Louis, Missouri
Aerospace Leader; Community Servant; Devoted Scouter

Charles A. Rahmberg
Peoria, Illinois
Insurance Executive; Dedicated and Distinguished Scouter

Ben Reifel
Esteline, South Dakota
American Indian Leader; Public Servant; Devoted Scouter

Thomas L. Tatham
Miami, Florida
Attorney; Civic Leader; Outstanding Scouter

Rolland M. Wilkening
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Engineer; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter


Rodney H. Brady
Ogden, Utah
Educator; Business Executive; Devoted Scouter

Robert W. Briggs
Indianapolis, Indiana
Physician; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Hugh C. Clayton
Bokeelia, Florida
Architect; Engineer; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Francis A. Coy
Cleveland, Ohio
Business Executive; Community Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Robert H. Gaynor
Bedminster, New Jersey
Businessman; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Albert V. Hartl
Bismarck, North Dakota
Business Executive; Distinguished and Veteran Scouter

Peter W. Hummel
Reno, Nevada
Geologist; Supporter of Higher Education; Loyal Scouter

Robert J. LaFortune
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Independent Oil Operator; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Thomas C. MacAvoy
Corning, New York
Business Executive; Community Servant; Devoted Scouter

Ann W. Nally
Annandale, Virginia
Community Servant; Parent; Dedicated Scouter

George M. Pardee Jr.
La Jolla, California
Builder; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter

Ronald Reagan
Rancho Del Cielo, Santa Barbara, California
Fortieth President, United States of America; Former Governor; Friend to Youth

V. J. Skutt
Omaha, Nebraska
Corporate Executive; Lawyer; Distinguished Scouter

John B. Young
Nassau, Bahamas, and Newark, New Jersey
Bank General Manager; Civic Leader; International Scouter


Arthur G. Linkletter
Beverly Hills, California
TV and Radio Star; Author; Friend of Scouting


Charles T. Clayton
Birmingham, Alabama
Executive; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

William P. Clements Jr.
Dallas, Texas
Governor of Texas; Executive; Distinguished Scouter

Frank William Gay
Encino, California
Business Executive; Churchman; Devoted Scouter

Thomas F. Gilbane
Providence, Rhode Island
Builder; Business Leader; Decicated Scouter

Milton H. Gray
Chicago, Illinois
Lawyer; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

William Hillcourt
Manlius, New York
“Green Bar Bill,” the Voice of Scouting

Downing B. Jenks
St. Louis, Missouri
Corporate Executive; Railroader; BSA President

Reuben R. Jensen
Detroit, Michigan
Corporate Executive; Distinguished Scouter

Sonia S. Maguire
Stamford, Connecticut
Humanitarian; Benefactor of Scouting

J. Willard Marriott
Washington, D.C.
Corporation Founder; Churchman; Benefactor of Scouting

Archibald McClure
Chicago, Illinois
Executive; Community Servant; Loyal Scouter

Henry J. Nave
Pinehurst, North Carolina
Corporate Executive; Sportsman; Faithful Scouter

Gene H. Sternberg Sr.
Granite City, Illinois
Executive; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Harry D. Thorsen Jr.
Sarasota, Florida
Scouts on Stamps Society International; Executive