Silver Buffalo Award Winners 1979-1970


L. Jadwin Asfeld
West St. Paul, Minnesota
Company President; Red Cross Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Jimmy Carter
Washington, D.C.
Thirty-ninth President, United States of America; Defender of Human Rights; Friend of Youth

Alec Chesser
Houston, Texas
Corporate Leader; Man of Stature; Devoted Scouter

Dorothy Feist
New York, New York
Humanitarian; Philanthropist; Scouting ‘First Lady’

Roy W. Jordan
St. Louis, Missouri
Civil Leader; Good Citizen; Scouting Stalwart

Richard W. Kiefer
Baltimore, Maryland
Attorney; Versatile Scouter; Churchman

Katsumi Kometani
Honolulu, Hawaii
Dentist; Dedicated Scouter; Advocate of Youth

Thomas S. Monson
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Noted Speaker; Scouter

John D. Murchison
Dallas, Texas
Partner, Murchison Brothers; Civic Leader; Scouting Proponent

John D. Schapiro
Baltimore, Maryland
International Sportsman; Businessman; Faithful Scouter

Forrest N. Shumway
Los Angeles, California
Corporate Executive; Friend of Youth; Veteran Scouter

Bland W. Worley
Charlotte, North Carolina
Corporate Executive; Civic Servant; Great Scouter


John T. Acree Jr.
Louisville, Kentucky
Company Board Chairman; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Perry R. Bass
Fort Worth, Texas
Corporate Chairman and President; Community Benefactor; Distinguished Scouter

Milton Caniff
Palm Springs, California
Cartoonist; Humanitarian; Friend of Scouting

Arthur H. Cromb
Mission Hills, Kansas
Company President; Inspirational Scouter; University Alumni Leader

Thomas F. Hawkins
River Forest, Illinois
University Vice-President; Scouter Extraordinaire

Elizabeth G. Knight
Waite Hill, Ohio
Philanthropist; Benefactor of Scouting

Joseph W. Marshall
Twin Falls, Idaho
Retired Physician and Surgeon; Churchman; Faithful Scouter

Louis W. Menk
South St. Paul, Minnesota
Company Board Chairman; Transportation Industry Leader; Loyal Scouter

Max S. Norris
Indianapolis, Indiana
Physician; Businessman; Devoted Scouter

LaVern Watts Parmley
Salt Lake City, Utah
Churchwoman; Benefactor of Children; Cub Scouting Advocate

Simon Rositzky
St. Joseph, Missouri
Company President; Conservationist; American Humanics Chairman

Lester R. Steig
San Francisco, California
Educator; Author; Proponent of Scouting


Stephen A. Derby
Honolulu, Hawaii
Retired Banker; Civic Leader; Faithful Scouter

James E. Johnson
Los Angeles, California
Corporate Board Chairman; Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy; Distinguished Scouter

Allen W. Mathis Jr.
Montgomery, Alabama
Company Board Chairman; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

James R. Neidhoefer
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Company President; Distinguished Scouter; Veteran Scoutmaster

Melvin B. Neisner
Rochester, New York
Company President; Community Leader; Devoted Scouter

William H. Quasha
Manila, Philippines
Attorney; International Scouter; Scoutmaster

John K. Sloan
Los Angeles, California
Attorney; Advocate of Youth; Loyal Scouter

Herman Stern
Valley City, North Dakota
Merchant; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter

Leif J. Sverdrup
St. Louis, Missouri
Industrialist; Engineer; Zealous Scouter

Wallace E. Wilson
Detroit, Michigan
Corporate Vice-President; Friend of Youth; Dedicated Scouter


Gerald R. Ford
Washington, D.C.
Thirty-eighth President, United States of America; Symbol of Integrity; Example for Youth


Ernest Banks
Chicago, Illinois
Baseball Great; Inspiration for Boys; Faithful Scouter

Joseph A. Brunton Jr.
Matawan, New Jersey
Servant of Youth; Former Chief Scout Executive

Victor T. Ehre
Utica, New York
Company President; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Donald H. Flanders
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Company Founder and President; Distinguished Scouter

E. K. Jamison
Atlanta, Georgia
Company President; Devoted Scouter

Max I. Silber
Nashua, New Hampshire
Company President; Loyal Scouter; Benefactor of Students

Osborne K. Taylor
Montclair, New Jersey
Retired Corporate Executive; Veteran Scoutmaster; Champion of Scouting

J. Kimball Whitney
Wayzata, Minnesota
Company President; Friend of Youth; Veteran Scouter


Louis R. Bruce Jr.
Washington, D.C.
U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs; Champion of Scouting

Harvey C. Christen
Burbank, California
Aircraft Company Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Louis G. Feil
Chipita Park, Colorado
Consulting Engineer; Promoter of Camping and Order of the Arrow

Edwin H. Gott
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Corporate Executive; Community Leader; Vigorous Promoter of Exploring

Donald P. Hammond
Monticello, New York
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Scouting Enthusiast

Albert M. Jongeneel
Rio Vista, California
Retired Rancher; Dedicated Scouter

Arthur L. Jung Jr.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Business Executive; Servant of Youth; International Scouter

Prime F. Osborn III
Jacksonville, Florida
Company President; Friend of Youth; Advocate of Scouting

George W. Pirtle
Tyler, Texas
Consulting Geologist and Independent Oil Producer; Philanthropist; Benefactor of Scouting

Penn W. Zeigler
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Executive; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter


William G. Connare
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Bishop; Scouter; and Champion of Scouting

Elbert R. Curtis
Salt Lake City, Utah
Executive; Community and Church Leader; Veteran Scouter

Thomas Stephens Haggai
High Point, North Carolina
Gifted Public Speaker; Ordained Minister; Patriot; Scouter

August F. Hook
Indianapolis, Indiana
Business Executive; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

William R. Jackson
Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Executive; Devoted Scouter; Friend of Youth

Fred C. Mills
Aptos, California
Outstanding Scouter; Retired Director, Health and Safety Service, Boy Scouts of America

Arch Monson Jr.
San Francisco, California
Patron of the Arts; Humanitarian; Executive

Richard Milhous Nixon
Washington, D.C.
Thirty-seventh President, United States of America

Leon Howard Sullivan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Humanitarian; Peoples’ Champion


Neil A. Armstrong
El Lago, Texas
Astronaut; First Man to Walk on the Moon

Francisco Bueso
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chamber of Commerce Director; Champion of Scouting

Antonio C. Delgado
Manilla, Philippines
Business Executive; World Scouter

Laurence C. Jones
Piney Woods, Mississippi
Educator; Author; Servant of Youth

Aryeh Lev
New York, New York
Rabbi; Chaplain; Dedicated Scouter

Leo Perlis
Washington, D.C.
Organized Labor Official; Humanitarian; Friend of Scouting

Bryan S. Reid Jr.
Chicago, Illinois
Investment Banker; Community Leader; Devoted Scouter

William H. Spurgeon III
Santa Ana, California
Childrens Hospital Executive; “Father” of Special-Interest Exploring